Everybody has faced that horrible situation in which you don’t know which is going to be your next movie/series on Netflix. You start passing and passing titles trying to choose which is going to worth your time.

First, you try to choose based on the time you have, probably if it is Sunday 8 pm or so, and you don’t want to stay up late at the night, you try to choose a movie whose length is not greater than two hours. Why the Netflix AI is just showing me a bunch of series? …

#Ruby on Rails, #ActiveRecord, #webdevelopment, #backend, #api.

Starting a Ruby on Rails project requires a bunch of commands that you have to be familiar with to be effective. This is an example of the most common ones.

On the Ruby on Rails guide, it is proposed a Bookstore project to be used for presenting the Active Record Query Interface.

Since I spend some time creating the same project, I think is going to be a good idea to document the process.

To start is worth mentioning that you have to have installed on your system ruby along with ruby on…

I created a tic tac toe video game that runs in the console using ruby, the game works fine but at the time to add some testing, a big problem appeared.

The game requires input from the user in the console, and to test the validation to that input it was necessary to use a weird StringIO.new() function. It seems like an easy task, but as I didn’t know some fundamentals of Object Oriented Programing, I committed errors in the design that made it difficult to test the application up to the point that the testing was completely horrid.


I needed to scroll columns at different rates to avoid blank space. I didn’t know how to call this or even how to browse properly for the solution.

while working on a clone for the website I found a particular feature that I didn’t know how to call.

The site was https://www.newsweek.com a magazine that uses bootstrap.

Basically, the problem was that the site has tree columns and each of them had a different number of items. That caused the columns to have different heights.

The site consists of three columns with different heights given their contents, the goal is to get rid of that empty space.

As I have to continue with more content, I didn’t want to leave that blank…

Carlos Del Real

I am Fullstack web developer with a diverse background former Geologist, Geotechnical Engineer, and Master Candidate on Geographic Information Science & Systems

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